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How to Maintain Control when Everything is Out of Control

Listen, Mama. Whether we like it or not, we set the tone for our households. More often than not, things stay held together or fall completely apart based on US. What we do. How we act and feel. What we say. It’s a lot of power…and a LOT of pressure.

Right now, things have been so wacky for so long that we’ve forgotten that we actually have control over some of this stuff. We can pick. We don’t need to rely on the emergency plans that we threw together because we hoped, wished, and prayed that it would be temporary.

But, how do we do this? How do we make a plan when there is SO much out of our control?

Plan for what is in your control and prepare for what you can’t.

Start with becoming aware of yourself and everything around you. Learn about who YOU are, why you are who you are, and how you react to your circumstances.

Next, accept it. Once you start becoming aware of who and why you are, accept all aspects of yourself. Once you start becoming aware of others around you, accept them too. Don’t take things or people personally and DON’T look at anything that happens as MORE than what it is. In other words, don’t start making up stories about what other people are thinking or feeling based on how they act.

Finally, make a conscious choice. Once you are aware and accepting of yourself and your surroundings, you can start to make choices when you're more present and sharp. You will be able to CHOOSE instead of react. You’ll also start to realize that you always have a choice because you are always able to choose how you respond.

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