You just want to feel whole again.

You want to feel energized again.

Being tired as a parent is common.

Feeling frustrated and alone is common.

But it DOESN’T have to be normal

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You stay awake at night wondering if you’ve done enough.

  • You dread waking your kids up every morning? (Or them waking you up!)

  • By the end of the day you’re left feeling tired and frustrated. 

  • You feel like a bad mom. Nothing you do is ever good enough.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to...

  • Know that it’s possible to feel like a happy, confident parent without constantly second guessing yourself?

  • Finally let go of the need to be the ‘perfect’ mother?

  • Feel energized?

It’s possible. You CAN do it.


With the right mindset and coaching, you CAN become that present, happy, energized parent.


You chose the thing you want to work on. You pick what type of parent you want to be. Then, we work together to pull out your personal strengths and highlight them. Through coaching, you can become the calm, cool, collected parent you always thought you could be.

It’s already in you--I can help bring it out.


With just a little help, you can stop feeling like you’re not a good enough parent and start being confident in your abilities

(and start to ENJOY your life and your kids again!).

Hi! I’m Molly Jennings and I’m a Certified Professional Coach for parents who are struggling to find the love and joy in life (and parenting). I coach so parents can THRIVE!