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My Story

So you’re ready to reclaim the love and joy of teaching again?

You’re in the right place.


If you’re like most teachers, you want to just TEACH! But you struggle with the other demands of the job.


You’re amazing at what you do. You’ve taught in person, in masks, hybrid, from home, from ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE! But when it comes to finding the love and joy of teaching again, you’re feeling a little stuck.


You know that it’s time for more than ‘just getting through’ to the next break. You’re ready to LOVE what you do again.


I’d love to help you get there.


Hi! I’m Molly Jennings and I’m a Certified Professional Coach (former Special Educator) and I help teachers who have lost the joy in teaching. I coach so they can love being in the classroom again.


I wasn’t always a Coach. I taught for several years in various different settings–different buildings, administrators, co-workers, students, parents, etc. I loved teaching. I loved building connections with my students and seeing the light in their eyes when they finally understood a difficult concept or realized how much they grew or actually had an adult who listened and cared what they had to say.


What I didn’t love was everything else. 


But then I discovered coaching. I began getting coaching and going through a coaching certification program and what I learned changed how I did so many things. It changed my communication style and how I was able to express myself to my administrators and co-workers/teachers. It changed how I viewed challenges when they arose. It shifted so many things about how I did my job and I was able to find joy in all parts of my day (or at least some kind of value–let’s be honest, some meetings were not joyful!). It wasn’t just about teaching anymore. Or, maybe, it was that I was able to bring the joy of teaching to all parts of my day–not just when I was with my students.


Today, I help teachers create their own success formula so they can return to the joy of teaching–they can find what brought them to the profession in the first place and capitalize on their strengths so everyone does better. We all do better when we all do better and there are better things ahead!


My mission is to bring happy teachers back to the classroom. 


And that’s exactly what I want for you.


Sound good?


Ready to get started?


Discover my available services here and learn more about how we can work together.


Ready RIGHT NOW? Book a FREE Discovery Call and we’ll get you started on your path back to joy.

iPEC Certified Professional Coach

COR.E Dynamics Specialist

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner 

White Chair

I’m not your average life coach.

Here’s what makes the Molly Beth Coaching experience so different:


Core Energy Coaching. 


Core Energy Coaching is when a coach works with a client to make internal shifts in energy and raise personal awareness in thought patterns in order to create external results that last. 

Let’s get there. Together.

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