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Love the life you choose!

Hi! I’m Molly Jennings and I’m a Certified Professional Coach (former Special Educator) and I help teachers who have lost the joy in teaching. I coach so they can love being in the classroom again.


Improve Your Life

I believe in family, connection, passion, and joy, and the work I do is inspired by my own family, the connection I share with others, living life passionately (again), and always finding the joy in life.

Which brings me to you. I’m here to help you find the better things ahead.  Discover my 1:1 services, the exclusive Teacher Wellness Project, and find out more about how we can work together here.

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Individual Coaching

With my Individual Coaching Package, we will work 1:1 twice a month so you can:

  • Identify and focus on your values and priorities in the classroom.

  • Increase communication skills to improve relationships with administration, fellow teachers, parents, and/or students.

  • Find the confidence and joy in you and bring it to the classroom!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 2, 30-minute sessions a month for 9 months

  • Weekly emails with audio files and notes to support coaching concepts and goals

To learn more about individual coaching packages, book a FREE Discovery Call.

Teacher Wellness Project

(coming August 2023!)

Within the Teacher Wellness Project, we will transform the way you approach the classroom so you can:

  • Approach each day with intention and perspective.

  • Be a highly effective educator.

  • Create your own unique success formula so you can take the lessons you learn during your time with the Teacher Wellness Project and love what you do for years to come.


Here’s what’s included:

  • Monthly masterclasses and challenges.

  • Bi-monthly 1:1 coaching calls

  • Weekly audio files with notes or slide decks

  • Weekly Q&A group calls

  • Exclusive support community

  • Bonus: Checklists, planner/calendar, and self-assessments

To learn more about the Teacher Wellness Project, book a FREE Discovery Call.

Image by Kim Carpenter

Marissa, Teacher

I could not have been a happier client working with Molly, and I am so grateful for all of the insights I had with her and all the positive changes I saw in myself as we worked together!

Image by Michael Dam

Julia, professional

Molly guided me as we explored my professional and personal life, helping me uncover what I really wanted, identifying challenges and building action plans.

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