Love the life you choose!

Hi! I’m Molly Jennings and I help  parents  go all in, so they can say goodbye to the feeling of never doing enough. I coach so that they can find the better things ahead.


Improve Your Life

I believe in family, connection, passion, and joy, and the work I do is inspired by my own family, the connection I share with others, living life passionately (again), and always finding the joy in life.

Which brings me to you. I’m here to help you find the better things ahead.  Discover my 1:1 services and find out more about how we can work together.

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Life coaching

Helping you to take on life passionately & find joy everyday.

EDUCATOR coaching

Helping you to find clarity and balance as an educator. 

parent coaching

Helping you reclaim the energy and joy of being a parent.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief

Helping you to understand your energy, behavior, and leadership capabilities available only from an ELI Master Practitioner.

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Julia, professional

Molly guided me as we explored my professional and personal life, helping me uncover what I really wanted, identifying challenges and building action plans.